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What is Clever?

Clever is a secure pipeline between our district's data and the learning applications that you and your students use. It helps our district's IT office provide applications with all the information required for school usage.

Clever single sign-on is a single-sign-on (SSO) solution, allowing users to log in to different applications with a single set of credentials, configured at the district level. With the ease of only one username and password, Clever can help teachers and students reclaim valuable class time. Students and teachers can open their devices, sign in to the Clever Portal from our student homepage ( or staff links page, and click on the wanted applications to automatically access the online learning program! In short, it is a portal to get to many different applications or websites like IXL, NewsELA, or Typing Agent.

How To Log In To Clever

  1.  Navigate to and click on Clever.

  2. Click the Log in with Google button.

  3. If you are already logged in to chrome then it should automatically log you in. If on a home computer you may see a login prompt. Enter your full email in. Click next and if prompted enter your password.
    • If you are already logged in on another account such as a personal Gmail account it may try to automatically use that account for this you will need to sign out of the non account or use an incognito window. See troubleshooting instructions. 

Adding Links to your Clever Page

After logging in, you’ll come to a screen that looks like the picture below, this is your dashboard. From here you can click on [Your Name’s] Page to set up quick links that the students in your classes can view and access. These links might include your Google Classroom links, Powerschool or links for other non-Clever based applications.

  1. Click on [Your Name’s] Page. You will come to a page that looks similar to the image below. From here you can click on the Add button in the bottom right, click on the Link button that pops up.

  2. A side window appears (image to the right). Paste the whole link that you want your students to be able to access in the first box. Give your link a name that the students will see. In this example to the right, the link of will show as Student Links Page on my Clever page. To add a category for the link click in the box and start typing the desired category name and to save the category name hit the enter key on your keyboard.  Categories can be useful if you are giving out different links and want to categorize them as Math, LA, etc. You can delete the category if you decide you do not want it later on from your page. Click the icon you want the link to show up as then click the Add link button. The link is now available for students to access as necessary from your Clever page.


If you encounter this problem shown above look at the email that Clever is attempting to authenticate against. If you (if you are the teacher) or a student’s (if a parent) email address is different than the one you are trying to log in with then the wrong account is logged into Google Chrome.

Method 1 - Switching of Chrome User Accounts

This is the preferred method for long term switching of accounts. Add a new user to chrome to switch between the different users.

  1. Click on the circular portrait on the top right. A small window should pop up. Click on the Add button in the new window.

  2. A new Add person window should pop up. Enter a name for the person, choose a picture and click the Add button in the bottom right.

  3. A new chrome window will appear with the new user logged into it. Now we need to associate your account to the new user account by clicking on the circular portrait in the top right again and this time click on the blue Turn on sync… button.

  4. It will prompt you for your email and password, enter in your email and password.
  5. A box will pop up that will ask if you want to turn on sync, press the “Yes, I’m in” button and chrome should start to populate all of the settings associated with your account.

Your account should now be logged in and try again logging into Clever.  There should also be desktop icons created for chrome with the different accounts logged in for easy switching access.

Method 2 - Incognito Window

To get right into Clever without needing to log out your Google Chrome profile, you can use an incognito window.  An incognito window allows you to browse the internet and it will not save any passwords and also acts as if no one was logged into Google Chrome.

  1. Click the 3 dots in the top right of chrome and click on the New incognito window button.

The window that appears will look darker and will act as if no one is logged in to chrome. Try to log in again in this new window.

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