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Mailtrack is a google chrome extension that notifies you when an email is sent to someone's inbox, and also notifies you when that person opens and reads your email.

To install Mailtrack, follow this link to the chrome web store and click “Add to Chrome”, and if prompted then ‘add extension’

Once it installs, it will bring you to a screen asking you to “Connect with Google”, click the button and then sign in with your Minooka 201 Gmail account.

Once installed you will get a pop-up page asking to purchase a premium version, you can just exit out of this page. (Picture below).

Your Sent Mail folder in the Gmail web client will start looking like this

One Check mark = The email was sent to the recipient, but has not been opened yet.

Two Check marks = The email was delivered to the recipient, and has opened the email.

*Note* This will only function on your laptop, emailing through the phone does not apply the extension, meaning your emails will not be tracked.

Be aware that a signature will attach to all your emails that will alert email recipients that you are using this extension. It looks like the picture below.

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