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There has been a lot of talk all over the media about “zoombombing” and also security concerns such as the collecting and selling of user data.  Zoombombing refers to the possibility of an unwanted attendee in the meeting who takes over or hijacks the meeting in a disrupting manner. While the host removes the unwanted individual, they will rejoin the meeting and continue on in a disrupting manner until the meeting is forced to end and/or created with a new link.  The Minooka 201 tech team is aware of these concerns and has taken following steps to mitigate these concerns: 

  • Advise Teachers on Using Zoom with Clever Integration:  All teachers and staff that want to use Zoom for a virtual classroom or meetings with students should use Zoom through Clever.  This provides you - teachers and staff - district wide pushed controls to prevent such mentioned security concerns. Instructions provided by the tech team for Zoom with Clever Integration.

  • Advise Teachers on Locking the Meeting:  One way to prevent “zoombombing”  is to lock the meeting once all participants are in the meeting. Locking the meeting disables the ability for any new person to join the meeting.  Link for instructions on how to lock the meeting.

  • Students DO NOT NEED an account to join a Zoom meeting and the ability to sign into the zoom app is disabled by the district for district owned devices.

Why use Zoom through Clever

If you are using an account you created or signed up before the tech team was able to integrate Zoom with Clever, there are less security controls for your meetings and will require manual adjustments for each meeting that is scheduled.  By using Zoom with Clever which is managed by the tech team and has defaulted multiple settings to mitigate security concerns:

  • Disabled the ability for student attendees to screen share without permission from the teacher.
  • Disabled students to join the meeting before the teacher has joined..
  • Teacher ability to mute all student attendees
  • Ability to lock meeting to prevent unwanted attendees from joining
  • Disabiled students ability to record the meeting

What do I need to do if setup a Zoom account before the District integrated Zoom with Clever? 

  1. Go to the student links page ( and click on Clever.
  2. Login to Clever using Google if prompted and enter in your email address and password.
  3. On the dashboard click on Zoom icon
  4. You will be prompted to confirm your email address. You will receive an email to confirm that your account will be managed by the District.
  5. Once accepting the District managed email, you’ll want to log in to Clever to access Zoom and set up any future meetings.
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